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Mission Critical Script Delivery

You can trust Teleprompters to professionally manage all your script delivery with our Teleprompter and Autocue Operators  and Technicians


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Over 100 Years Combined Experience


Skilled & Experienced Teleprompter Operators

When you need a professional teleprompter or autocue operator you can rely on Teleprompters to have you covered.

Experience, Technical Ability and Reliability are core to delivering the very best teleprompter operator service and it's been at the heart of everything we do since we started teleprompting.

Teleprompters was founded in the UK at the start of 2016 by experienced film crew who saw a gap in the market for a modern professional team of teleprompters that understand video and conference production and have experience of working with high profile talent and able to utilise modern teleprompting equipment which is something the industry was and is still lacking outside our organisation.


We are the preferred prompter operator solution provider to many A list Celebrities, Sports Personalities, The Royal Family, CEOs and Senior Business Leaders, Politicians, TV Presenters, Production Agencies, Live News and Broadcast, Film, Documentary Makers  and Conference Venues.


From small corporate internal videos to TV Commercials streamlining script delivery with the correct Teleprompter and Operator will reduce filming time by as much as 75% and help keep everything on track and focused.    


Understanding complex video camera rigs and conference set ups using the very latest Autocue and Teleprompters our Operators are the very best available in the industry. 


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Teleprompters offer a unique platform supplying experienced teleprompter and autocue operator services across the video production, conference and live television industry with highly skilled dedicated and vastly experienced crew all available to book on a unique easy to choose and simple to book live online booking platform to cater for your requirements  like never before.

What is a Teleprompter?

Presenters may read from a script while still making eye contact with the audience using a teleprompter, also known as a prompter or Autocue. The speaker gives the impression of having the speech memorized or speaking spontaneously since they do not have to glance at printed notes.

Teleprompters have often been utilised in two contexts: by television hosts who like to look directly into the camera while reading the script and by celebrities, politicians, and public speakers who prefer not to look down at their notes but instead make eye contact with the audience.


Actors and newscasters first used teleprompters, but their usage has now spread to encompass video production, PowerPoint presentations, and even vocalists singing on stage.

The basic concept involves placing a monitor underneath a sheet of reflecting glass or a beam splitter, which then displays the text. The glass is see-through on one side, so the camera may film through it whilst making it invisible to the audience as it reflects the scripts only on the side the presenters reading. 


For the presenter to be able to interpret the scripts when reflected from the glass, the image must be inverted in the monitor.

Before computers, scripts were composed by hand or typed onto paper scrolls. The teleprompter operator then moved the paper in front of a tiny CCTV camera, sending a script picture to the screen. Compared to modern TV screens, the teleprompter monitors of yesteryear were enormous.

Scripts are often input digitally onto a PC running teleprompter software such as Autocue's QMaster/QBox, QPro, or QStart. The computer then creates a video output of the script and feeds it to the teleprompter display via composite video, SDI, or VGA. In more sophisticated setups, the PC communicates with a standalone scroll device called the QBox via IP, which then provides the visual output for the display screen. In other words, a teleprompter in London may be controlled by a computer in New York through the internet.

Someone behind the scenes or the presenter may alter the tempo and course of the script. Instead of forcing the presenter to talk at a set pace, the operator will pay close attention to what they're saying to ensure they can keep up. The presenter may also use a wireless hand control or foot pedal to scroll independently.

All presenters in a TV studio or on set will see the same thing on all cameras since the teleprompters all read from the same script. Nonetheless, modern broadcasting technology allows presenters to operate their teleprompters independently, allowing them to skip forward to a different part of the script even while their colleague is on-air.

Tablets like the iPad have grown more common in the last several years, and as a result, iPad teleprompters have exploded in popularity as cheap, easily transportable prompting solution if you've ever used one you will know how cumbersome they are to use, whilst they are a cost effective solution we do not use these systems as they can be laggy in response they are not very bright and any script edits mean removing the iPad from the rig and manually editing the script all of which slows the production. 

We have designed wireless battery powered small 7" units which dramatically simplifies the equipment needed for on-location filming or short, straightforward pieces to camera, making it very transportable and budget-friendly for on location filming and hand held or steady cam shoots. 


over the lens teleprompter crew
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What does an autocue and teleprompter operator do?

We specialise in providing the very best Teleprompter and Autocue Operators; the abilities of

our autocue operator relate directly to the level of performance achieved by any newsreaders and presenters which is why many presenters and VIPs request our operators by name see who we work with here.

During studio broadcasts and certain types of location filming, the teleprompter is controlled by autocue or teleprompter operators to deliver smooth timely scripts.


Autocue is a tradename for one of the many types of teleprompters, much in the same way a vacuum cleaner is often called a hoover  hence the name has become widely used and is why operators are generally known as autocue operators or just Autocue for short and therefore Teleprompters are often referred to as autocues.


A teleprompter is a device that may be attached to a video camera that shows the script on a screen so that the person reading it can read it while they are looking down the lens of the camera. The person operating the Autocue is responsible for controlling the rate at which the words scroll down the screen. 

This allows the person reading it to maintain eye contact with the camera while speaking continually. This creates the illusion that the presenters are speaking without a script or from memory, which is a more interesting and engaging presentation style than having the speakers glance down at a piece of paper.

Autocue operators are responsible for formatting the computer files of scripts so that they may be presented appropriately on the prompter before a show and operating a computer attached to the prompter while a recording is being made.


They determine the pace at which the presenter speaks during rehearsals and then check with that person to see what size font they feel most comfortable with. This allows them to move the script forward at the appropriate pace.

When a program is being recorded or aired live, the show's sequence will often be altered at the very last minute for various reasons, such as when a guest is late or when there is breaking news. They may, in many instances, be required to transcribe items to the prompter script or make revisions at the very last minute. They do their jobs on may occasions while listening to talkback, which refers to the talks between the director, producer, script supervisor, and presenters while the program is being broadcast. 

They also communicate messages in this manner. They must also check emails if the producer sends any written revisions. They may need to print out updated scripts for the rest of the team, but this will depend on the production. They are responsible for identifying misunderstood things during production and communicating that information to the director as quickly as possible.

Immediately after the performance, they will often prepare a final version of the screenplay for production to maintain in their archives. Sometimes they work on the floor of a gallery, and other times they do their work behind closed doors in a studio. All our operators and technicians work directly for Teleprompters.

Teleprompters and Autocues at Teleprompted:

Why Teleprompted is the go to option for operators - We are aware of the obstacles, problems, and time pressure that come with the setup and smooth running of all types of prompter requirements.  Having an autocue on set makes it possible to deliver your message or live stream with flawless timing and presentation, regardless of the degree of expertise of the person giving the presentation. You can guarantee the best results with our professional services and an experienced technician. 

Engage and connect with your audience: The teleprompter is positioned such that it is immediately in front of the camera lens; this creates the illusion that the speaker is talking to the camera while reading the text that is shown on the Autocue. The teleprompter may also be positioned off-camera, making it ideal for interviews, webcasts, and live streaming, where the speaker shouldn't be looking directly into the camera.


Save time and money on set: Our teleprompter crew are very efficient at setup as the prompter is generally the last piece of tech to be set up once the camera has been set and everyones happy so any resets and movements of the kit will take a considerable amount of time and slow down production but having a well seasoned operator on your team means the teleprompters won't slow down the process and save overall time on set especially on fast-paced video productions.

Because our prompter technicians and operators team can quickly set up with the latest teleprompter systems, you can devote more of your attention to completing your shots and spend less time worrying about the intricacies of the technical side of things.


Adaptable and flexible: You may send us your scripts or simply bring them along on the day. If required, the operator of our teleprompter will be able to make quick and simple edits to your text right there on set. After that, the operator will prompt the script according to the presenter's reading speed remotely from a laptop, guaranteeing that your message will be delivered flawlessly.



our teleprompter team

When things get technical with Cranes, Techo dollys, Jibs, Car Mounts, Planes, and Boats Alan has the solution


Technical Lead, Autocue & Teleprompter Operator

Trained as a composer Michael delivers scripts as smooth as an orchestra with years of experience under his belt


Senior Teleprompter & Autocue Operator

A vast knowledge on both sides of the camera Yasmin has over 15 years experience in live events and commercials


Senior Teleprompter & Autocue Operator


Senior Autocue & Teleprompter Operator


Teleprompter and Autocue Operator

28 years experience in video production Kevin understands the process from start to finish optimising your script delivery

Jennifer is a seasoned presenter appearing in many TV shows and commercials so understands prompting from both angles 


Teleprompter & Autocue Operator & Script Editor

Felicity was a presenter for Sky for many years so her knowledge of live broadcast Teleprompting requirements is second to none

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