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Arri virtual set teleprompter autocue operator

Technical Teleprompting Operators for Volvo Keynote 2023

Using the very latests in technology on the most advanced set in Europe the Arri virtual studio in Uxbridge ​using the latest Arri video camera equipment and a mix of tripod mounted cameras with on board teleprompters, Steadicams with above the lens teleprompters and cameras mounted on a Technodolly with teleprompters attached by our technician operators.

Filming at the Arri virtual set allowed real time graphics to be rendered onto the screens around the set and real time rendering using unreal engine to impose 3d graphics around the presenter in real time.


When looking for a prompting solution the client chose Teleprompters for their expertise and advanced skillset to help make the production a reality as the scripts used contained lots of technical data with word heavy scripts and fraction of a second timing required Telepromters was the safe option.

technodolly teleprompter autocue operator

You can see the advanced camera movement and graphics rendered in real time during the video production in the video below, You can also see how the eye-line is always perfectly down the barrel of the lens even though the scripts are being read a perfect example of a great teleprompter operator in action.

So if you have a technical teleprompter or autocue operator requirement get in touch to see how we can assist.

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