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Teleprompter Operator Booking Terms

Services to be Provided

The scope of services is provided in your booking summary including;


Call Times (start time)

Wrap Times (finish Time)

Equipment and crew members to be provided



Payment of any monies payable to Teleprompters in respect of any agreement between you and Teleprompters shall be made to Teleprompters before any services are provided, if you hold an account with Teleprompters payment is due within seven days of the invoice being received unless we have agreed in writing specialist terms with you.

Each order processed by Teleprompters includes a £50 booking fee within your hire charge which is non refundable.



You will provide parking for the crew at the location or cover the cost of parking upon completion of the services being provided.



You may cancel your booking on the following terms;

Up to 7 days in writing before the booked services time and recieve a partial refund of 50% minus the booking fee of £50 (to cover administrative costs)

Any cancellation received with less than 7 days notice will be fully payable and no refunds given.

Any postponement of services by you will be subject to an additional £50 booking fee and availability at the discretion of Teleprompters and any postponement cancellation shall be fully payable.



You shall at all times fully indemnify Teleprompters Ltd, its employees, servants and agents against all actions, costs, claims, demands, proceedings or liabilities arising from or in conjunction with equipment, materials or any other services supplied to you by Teleprompters.


You will need to provide 13amp power within 1 meter of where your teleprompter operator will place the equipment and also need to provide power within 1 meter of where you wish the teleprompter operator to be located.

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