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Film and Video






The only choice for Professional Video Production Teleprompter and Autocue Operators

The perfect prompting solution including on and off camera Teleprompters for use with small or large camera rigs, dolly and slider set ups, jibs, camera cranes and technodollys 

Perfect for studio and outside Video Production

Teleprompter and Autocue Operators  and Technicians


Expert Video Production Teleprompter Operators at Teleprompters: 

Employing a trained autocue operator is a huge help on set. Our technicians have the experience and tools necessary to support your video production on set no matter how simple or complex your set up will be. We will ensure everything's compatible so your expectations on the day will be fully met. we supply a vast range of teleprompters to ensure you have the optimal set up with your teleprompter operator including Over the Lens teleprompters, Above the lens teleprompters Off Camera teleprompters, in sizes from 5" to 21" on camera rigs and 70" comfort style prompters.

Before shooting begins, the operator will also go over the scripts to get a feel for the flow of the dialogue. They will be responsible for keeping the prompters running at the correct speed throughout the video after filming has begun. To do this, the rate at which the script is scrolled is adjusted.

This is very useful when there is a lengthy script.

Film and Video Production
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How do you know when to hire a Teleprompter Operator for your Video Production?

In most cases, you can get by without a skilled operator, but having a skilled operator on your video production will speed up the delivery of scripts and reduce re takes on most occasions by up to 75%., you will always get the  correct equipment that will enhance your production and not cause any quality issues with poor quality prompter glass, colour shifts or vignetting.


The presenter and operator work together closely so it's important that you employ an operator that can converse at the highest levels and  instil confidence. Having one of our specialists on hand will alleviate tension and guarantee a problem-free workflow when time is of the essence and you are working with professional presenters, celebrities or VIPs even when the presenter isn't used to being on camera, we will help ease their nerves and quickly have them comfortable delivering your script.


Because of this, the camera crew can focus on their task without worrying about the other duties. In addition, the teleprompter operator may verify that the performer is reading the script word for word and the eye-line is perfect making any adjustments required to get the  very best results. 

Our operators work daily on corporate films, interviews, testimonials, live streaming, conferences, events, seminars, TV commercials, social media content and pretty much all areas of video production that might require a teleprompter operator these are all within the scope of Teleprompters offerings.

You will find that not only are we the go-to solution for standard teleprompting setups we are the only option you can rely upon for more advanced bespoke set ups take a look at our reviews and you will see why.

Film and Video Production Teleprompter Operator Reviews

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