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The best choice for conference and live event teleprompter and autocue operators and crew

You can trust Teleprompters to professionally manage all your script delivery with our Teleprompter and Autocue Operators  and Technicians

We've all seen the Images of Obama and his  famous teleprompter screens (the see through glass panels)  most professional presenters now use them as they are used for live presentations, such as speeches and most conferences.  Used widely for delivering prompting at live events designed to enable the presenter to read the script while looking directly at the audience. By having a screen each side of the talent allows them to give the impression that they are making eye contact with the audience.


If the teleprompter is not set up properly, it may be embarrassing to watch, and the audience will likely quickly see that everything is scripted.


At Teleprompters we will ensure that everything is correctly setup and the results will look natural and engaging and the overall presentation will be slick and the teleprompters will not detract from the presentation.


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Why would you want to use a teleprompter at your live event?

If your talent needs to deliver significant information or a list of awards winners etc then using a stage teleprompter will allow you to follow the script while maintaining accuracy more effectively. There is a cost associated with the equipment and the time it takes to put it up, but the speed and accuracy may be significantly improved. This has the potential to more than compensate more for increased time or financial investments.

What exactly is conference and event teleprompting used for?

When a prompter is used on stage at a live event  it is used to ensure that performers don't forget or flub their lines. Teleprompters are used in delivering speeches and providing information by the Teleprompter Operator who transcribes the scripts or recordings into readable displays that prompt individuals to recall what they are to say. Some of the material needed for the teleprompter may be delivered in advance, which will then need to be converted into a simple text format that's colour co ordinated to show peaked changes, actions etc.

The persons operating the teleprompter has a solid working understanding of the language used and we can provide bi lingual operators if required.


The technician will also need to collaborate effectively with various characters whose speech speeds vary considerably. Because the Teleprompter Operator must be able to match the information shown on the screen with what the presenter is saying at all times they must have the capacity to operate in highly distracting environments and under great pressure.

At Teleprompters, we have an exceptional team all capable technically when it comes to the setup of teleprompters and always cool under pressure and used to working with the highest profile talent our conference and live  events teleprompter operators operate on a flexible schedule and are ofte required to work long hours, including evenings and weekends, and we appreciate that overtime is common when events go over schedule.

The teleprompter is the equipment that is the least noticeable but most vital to the success of a live conference or event.  This is because making direct eye contact with the audience while delivering a news story is the most effective and accurate method. The inability to use a prompter may interfere with the efficient delivery of a message.

There is the question of how close or distant the prompter ought to be situated from the talent for them to be read correctly. The rate at which the text must be scrolled is often determined by the individual doing the reading. Therefore, the next step is to consider that. 

We offer an autocue and teleprompter system that can accommodate various event types and styles, including award shows, conferences, formal or casual settings, and big or small audiences. The clients are responsible for providing the script or speech, informing us of the location and time, and allowing us to handle the rest.

It is common knowledge that attempting to commit a speech to memory does not always result in a 100% recall when necessary. In any situations or live events which might be planned or are happening spontaneously, our teleprompting and autocue services will greatly assist and offer detailed services for the best possible outcomes. We ensure with our efforts and expertise that, individuals presenting at your conference won't have to worry about losing their train of thought, forgetting their lines, or missing a cue. Instead, they will be able to focus on communicating their message effectively.

When reading a teleprompter, how do you keep your eyes still?

To put it simply, back up a little. As you go further away from the teleprompter, the audience will not notice as much as when you are up close. Our operators will reduce the font size on the teleprompter if you need to use it in a confined area (so there are more words on each line) and ensure everything is set optimally so yours eyes don't flicker across the screen like you are reading it's all part of our service and attention to detail throughout your event for the very best outcome and performance. 

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