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the teleprompter operators

When things get technical with Cranes, Techo dollys, Jibs, Car Mounts, Planes, and Boats Alan has the solution


Technical Lead, Autocue & Teleprompter Operator

Trained as a composer Michael delivers scripts as smooth as an orchestra with years of experience under his belt


Senior Teleprompter & Autocue Operator

A vast knowledge on both sides of the camera Yasmin has over 15 years experience in live events and commercials


Senior Teleprompter & Autocue Operator


Senior Autocue & Teleprompter Operator


Teleprompter and Autocue Operator

28 years experience in video production Kevin understands the process from start to finish optimising your script delivery

Jennifer is a seasoned presenter appearing in many TV shows and commercials so understands prompting from both angles 


Autocue & Teleprompter Operator

Megan is an accomplished singer and presenter  using her meticulous attention to detail and natural rhythm to keep everything your scripts on cue  


Teleprompter and Autocue Operator

Dave served his time in the forces deploying critical communications on the front line, adaptable and highly skilled delivering under the greatest of pressure


Teleprompter & Autocue Operator & Script Editor

Felicity was a presenter for Sky for many years so her knowledge of live broadcast Teleprompting requirements is second to none

Teleprompter & Autocue Posistions Available

We are currently recruiting experienced and trainee teleprompter and autocue operators, get in touch to discuss available opportunities

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