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VOLVO Keynotes

"Alan is a legend"

video production teleprompting


"Yasmin was an absolute star under pressure"

Conference teleprompter presidential

Spring Studios

"We love working with your team"

spring Studios teleprompter autocue operator

Pokemon World Championship

"Mike and Alan have been fantastic throughout the week"

conference teleprompter operator 02 london


"It's been a pleasure having your crew on our team"

BBC Teach Teleprompter operator

ARRI Virtual Set

"Kevin, Mike and Alan have been brilliant"

Arri virtual set teleprompter autocue operator


"Always on point and professional"

google teleprompter operator

Charlotte Tilbury

"We have worked with you over two years now and you never fail to impress"

teleprompter operator TV commercial

Channel 4

"Alan has been great the past two weeks with our packed schedule"

Channel 4 teleprompter documentary


"a pleasure to work with and very efficient"

Amazon london teleprompter operator autocue

Tank Studios

"Brilliant job"

Tank Studios Teleprompter autocue operator

Leisure Awards

"perfection every year"

Leisure Awards teleprompter operator autocue

Sky Arts

"Delighted with your professional service"

tate modern teleprompter operator

Sir David Attenborough

"Fantastic as always"

David attenborough telepromter

The Edge

"Got the results under challenging circumstances"

corporate teleprompter operator

London Metropole Awards

"Our presenters loved your team"

london metropole awards ceremony teleprompter operator

Sound Stage Studios

"Mike always performs"

Mike teleprompter crew

Children in Need

"Pleasure to work with"

natural history museum teleprompter

Channel 4

"Efficient and professional"

Channel 4 Telerpompter
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